Osteoarthritis of the hip occurs due to fast-progressing degeneration of hip tissue that causes impairment of function. Pain management strategies involving non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs raise the risk of breaking down the degenerated tissue further while opioid pain medications have a high risk for abuse.

Hip surgeries are especially traumatic and require months of painful recovery while patients redevelop strength and mobility and won’t increase your activity level. Common arthroscopic hip surgeries produce results no better than taking no action, and hip replacements wear out over time and require revision.


Are you experiencing hip pain from a labral tear? As many as half of older people who experience no hip pain also have labrum tears. Most commonly, this is treated operatively. In surgical applications, the process can be lengthy and Painful. Human Tissue Therapy can provide a comprehensive option for healing your hip pain without surgery.

The latest research indicates that labral tears are actually not the cause of hip pain. In fact, one recent study showed no association between hip labral tears seen on MRI and hip pain.


Most often, the hip tendons can get ripped up and torn or injured with wear and tear or trauma. Many times these injuries are actually related to the low back, which can only be determined by a whole person exam.

The commonly recommended treatment plan for chronic tendon pain and tightness can involve sewing together tears, cutting the tendon to try to get it to heal, or lengthening a tight tendon. While this approach may lead to relief of the tightness and surrounding symptoms, the biomechanical problem that led to the initial tendon injury has not been resolved.

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