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If you want to improve the way you look and feel in clothes and have a fuller perkier butt without the risks of surgery, a PRP Buttocks Lift could be the alternative you’ve been searching for. PRP Buttocks Lifts give you the benefits of a butt lift without any of the risks or recovery of a butt lift surgery. If you’ve failed to achieve the butt you want with exercise a PRP buttocks lift can give you the improvement in shape and size you’ve been hoping for with none of the sweat involved. Surgeries like Brazilian Butt lifts have become a popular but risky choice for people looking to add a little volume and youthfulness to their rear end, but PRP buttocks lifts give you all of the benefits of the procedure with a safer method that’s non-invasive and non-surgical. PRP Buttocks Lifts offer natural results with no downtime. You don’t have to worry about a long, painful recovery to look great in your jeans.

The PRP Buttocks Lift makes your buttocks firmer, and more shapely gives you a more pronounced lift and volume. The PRP Buttocks lift plumps and smooths the skin on your bottom for a more youthful and even-textured appearance. Depending on your desired results, you may need more than one round of treatments, but optimal results are usually reached within 3 weeks of the initial treatment.

A woman examining her thigh and buttocks

The PRP Buttocks Lift procedure can improve the way you look without risky surgery. The results are natural, and there’s little to no recovery time involved.

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The first step to the PRP Buttocks Lift procedure is a consultation with our doctor to determine what areas are your main concern and what can be done to give you the look you desire. Next, the PRP is concentrated and prepared for injection. Finally, Your buttocks are numbed with topical anesthesia, and the PRP is injected into the target areas with a thin needle for the least potential of pain. The procedure is quick and begins to work immediately.

The PRP or platelet-rich plasma used for your PRP Buttocks Lift comes from your own blood. Platelets are natural conductors of healing. They are rich in growth factors and are the body’s first responders after an injury. Platelets rush to the area and initiate the clotting process while calling stem cells to the area to begin their regenerative work. Platelets also release cytokines; these proteins help manage the bodies inflammatory responses. To start the process to isolate your platelets you will need to provide a blood sample through a simple blood draw. The blood is placed into a centrifuge that separates the platelets. These platelets are concentrated, so your body’s natural healing capabilities are concentrated anywhere from three to five times their potency for optimal performance. That platelet-rich plasma serum is then used to rejuvenate and repair tissue and collagen in your buttocks.

Once injected, the collagen, fatty tissue and blood vessels in your buttocks get a supercharged growth boost from the platelets and begin to command more growth factors and multipotent stem cell activity to the area to continue repairing in the weeks following your procedure.

If you’ve considered butt lift surgery but are concerned with the risks and side effects of surgery, the PRP Buttocks Lift could be the best option to help you achieve the look you want. Call Revive Wellness and Rejuvenation today to schedule your free, PRP Buttocks Lift consultation and learn about our minimally invasive, highly effective buttocks lift surgery alternative.

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