PRP Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

A Revolutionary Regenerative Approach

Recent estimates show that over 50% of men in the US have experienced erectile dysfunction including men ranging from age 40 to 70. Erectile dysfunction is characterized by an inability to maintain an erection for intimate activity. Erectile dysfunction can be temporary or chronic but is usually a symptom of underlying conditions or presents as a side effect of disruption elsewhere in the body.

Erectile dysfunction takes a toll on your self-confidence and can severely stress your relationship. It’s important to seek help for ongoing or regular bouts of erectile dysfunction so you can narrow down the cause of the issue as soon as possible. There are some severe conditions that could be linked to ongoing erectile dysfunction including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s and clogged blood vessels. Some prescription medications can also be responsible for ED as well. Emotional and mental factors play a large part in the cause of erectile dysfunction, and some men find during periods of high stress, anxiety, and depression ED becomes a more frequent occurrence. Men who smoke, or use drugs and alcohol are also at high risk for developing ED.

PRP treatments can repair damaged cells in the penis and boost blood flow.

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The Priapus shot or the P-shot is a safe and effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction. The treatment uses the power of platelet-rich plasma to combat the effects of erectile dysfunction and return normal performance. The P-Shot is a natural alternative to the current medicinal treatment for ED. The P-Shot offers longer lasting results with none of the side-effect risks that come along with current popular medical treatment options. The P-Shot works to rejuvenate the cells in the penis and boost blood flow response. The P-Shot jumpstarts the healing process to repair damaged tissue, nerves and blood vessels so the replenishing blood flow to the penis will be long
lasting and efficient.

The PRP or platelet-rich plasma used for your P-Shot comes from your own blood. Platelets are natural conductors of healing. They are rich in growth factors and are the body’s first responders after an injury. Platelets rush to the area and initiate the clotting process while calling stem cells to the area to begin their regenerative work. Platelets also release cytokines; these proteins help manage the bodies inflammatory responses. To start the process to isolate your platelets you will need to provide a blood sample through a simple blood draw. The blood is placed into a centrifuge that separates the platelets. These platelets are concentrated, so your body’s natural healing capabilities are concentrated anywhere from three to five times their potency for optimal performance. That platelet-rich plasma serum is then used to rejuvenate and repair function in the penis.

The P-Shot treatment begins with a simple blood draw from the patient to collect a minimal amount of blood for the procedure. A local anesthetic is applied to the skin to reduce any discomfort before the P-Shot is injected into the penis with a thin needle. The entire process takes a little under an hour, and you can expect slight to moderate pressure during the injection.

The worst thing you can do is ignore your ED. With a safe, effective alternative to medication and surgery like the P-Shot available, finding help for your ED has never been easier. Call Revive Wellness and Rejuvenation today to schedule your free, discrete consultation and learn about how we can help you start performing like yourself again.

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