“My name is Susan Rodgers and I’m a 66-year-old female. I began doing research on stem cell therapy for arthritis in my knees after I had a hip replacement and my results from the hip replacement were not good and far from what I expected. I found out that the stem cells came from the fat in my own body (which I loved). The procedure was quick and easy. I have regrown the cartilage in my knee which you can see in the before and after x-rays. I can now walk without a wheelchair and have been able to walk upwards of 8-miles without any pain. It’s been somewhat of a miracle for me.”

-Susan Rodgers, Phoenix AZ

“My name is Larry LeBlanc and I’m 63-years old. I found revive after I had a knee replacement that did not fix my knee issue. I’ve worked as a heavy equipment technician and I’ve had a lot of issues with my knees. Since the stem cell procedure, I’ve had increased strength and a measurable amount of new cartilage growth in my knee. I now have a full range of motion in my right knee!”

-Larry LeBlanc, Phoenix AZ

“Before, I had back pain for at least 12-14 years. A lot of climbing, a lot of lifting on the job, always on my feet wear and tear over the years. I’ve had ablasions, I’ve had 3 in my low back, 3 in my neck and it just wasn’t doing it for me long-term. I wanted to be cured, I wanted a better quality of life. I did physical therapy and that didn’t work, just temporary and I needed something more permanent. Like I said the ablasions did it, but it was temporary, only 6 months to a year. I wanted to come do stem cells and I couldn’t believe how quick the relief that I got. We did the consultation and then the next day I called back and said let’s do it, let’s go for it. Within 3 weeks I was up and around, I was back to walking 2 miles within 3 weeks. It was very quick and very easy. It was a great experience.”

-Peter Palazzo, Phoenix AZ

“Well, I have tried so many things; surgery, physical therapy, just about anything trying anything to get rid of the pain which I had for about 3 years. Every other doctor that I went to usually said: “try these pills and we will see if they work.” So it was a matter of trying to bombard my body with pills, and I am very much against that. They wanted to do an MRI, CT scan and an ultrasound. I told them (Revive doctors) in the procedure room that I’ve never laid flat in 3 years. They said you’re going to have to lay flat for this procedure and I did. I went to sleep that night, said my prayers and woke up the next morning PAIN-FREE! So stem cells are really working for me”

-Joan French, Phoenix AZ

“I’m the #4 UFC light heavyweight in the world. I’ve been plagued with injuries most of my life/career and have had one injury in particular (a pars defect) that has been a constant battle, and extremely painful. I’ve tried multiple treatment options over the years including physical therapy, but have had no luck healing the injury. I was referred to Revive Wellness & Rejuvenation Center a few months ago where I received Stem Cell Therapy and PRP in my back. I can tell you first hand that the results have been incredible. My pain is almost completely gone and it’s allowed me to get back into the gym and go 100%. I’m scheduled for additional treatment areas and highly recommend Stem Cell Therapy to anyone suffering with chronic pain.”

-Ryan Bader, Scottsdale AZ

“I first came in to Revive Wellness & Rejuvenation looking for help with my knees. I couldn’t hike anymore and playing any kind of sports resulted in swelling and pain in my knees. After a very informative consultation with Dr. Graham, I decided to move forward with stem cell treatment. After only three months I was almost 100% pain-free and back to playing sports and hiking. The results were so positive that I returned to Revive to help with a shoulder surgery I had in the past to repair a torn labrum. The stem cell injections rapidly healed my shoulder as well. I now have a full range of motion with no pain in my shoulder and feel back to my old self. One of the biggest things I can tell you, if you are looking at getting stems, you will get your quality of life back. It has definitely changed my life.”

-Nick Teschler, Glendale AZ

“In 2009, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder known as Sjogren’s Syndrome. This disease becomes very burdensome, I couldn’t get up and down out of a chair, I couldn’t walk up and down stairs, and I wasn’t able to do a lot of normal everyday things. I had a constant headache for approximately a year and a half with no relief. I had the intravenous stem cell procedure at Revive and within one week I was feeling infinitely better. I did not take any medications and still do not take any. My headache is completely gone and I can move better and feel better. I have no more pain.”

-Susan, Phoenix AZ

“I came into Revive Wellness & Rejuvenation hoping for a treatment for my fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 15 years ago. I had lived with the symptoms of this disease what seemed like forever. I would wake up with pain all over my body every day and had a constant headache. Dr. Solt recommended IV Stem Cell Therapy and it worked! After about 5 weeks I was totally pain-free and my constant headache was gone. I consider it a miracle and recommend stem cell therapy to anyone who is suffering.”

-Stephanie Knox, Phoenix AZ

“About a year and a half ago, while at work, I was hit in the head with a large piece of steel. The next morning I woke up with an excruciating headache and every day after I experienced the same headache. During the following year I saw 6 neurologists, 2 neurosurgeons and had a lumbar puncture and still, no one could find the cause of my pain. About 8 months ago my brother-in-law told me about Dr. Graham and Revive Wellness & Rejuvenation. I was skeptical as I had already gone to 2 chiropractors without any results. I had a consult with Dr. Graham and within minutes of reviewing my records and x-rays, he diagnosed C2 displaced vertebrae. He recommended stem cell therapy with decompression. We scheduled the stem cell treatment and began the 16 Decompression sessions. After the stem cell injections, and by the 8th decompression session, I had virtually no pain and have been completely off my pain medications. The great part is this a natural solution with no side effects and the results are life-changing. My case was extreme due to the year and a half gone by but Dr. Graham gave me back my life. “

-Greg Estrada, Phoenix AZ

“I am a professional baseball player and have been playing professionally for 9 years now. I have spent time with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Cleveland Indians and just recently in my career I have had to deal with some injuries for the first time, most recently a rotator cuff tear. It’s been bothering me a lot and I have tried PRP and Cortisone with the Dbacks and had no luck and most recently I got turned on to Revive Wellness & Rejuvenation. I came in and did a stem cell injection with them and its the best my shoulder has felt in months if not years, it has taken me from throwing in the low 80’s back where I need to be in the 90mph range. Its only been about 6 weeks since my injection, and I already feel back to normal and healthy. For anyone dealing with injuries or possibly facing surgery like I was I would highly recommend Revive to feel 100% again.”

-Charles Brewer, Phoenix AZ

“I was in a pretty severe car accident and unfortunately my injury took 19 months to heal, and it healed incorrectly. I spent the next year going to numerous doctors throughout the valley trying to fix my back and return to a normal way of living. I had a constant, burning pain in my back for the longest time and spent 6 months laying on my side because my pain was at a 10. I decided to try stem cell therapy and it has completely changed my life. The pain in my back is almost non-existent after just two months. I wish I found stem cell therapy sooner but am very thankful that I did. I highly recommend stem cell therapy for anyone living in pain.”

-Evelyn Carty, Phoenix AZ

“I attended Deer Valley high school and played high level division 1 basketball at Arizona State and University of Texas El Paso. I had several injuries during my time playing, including a micro fracture and Achilles surgery. I played professionally in Poland, Greece, Latvia and Italy. While playing in Italy I tore my ACL. After this I came to Revive Wellness & Rejuvenation and Dr. Graham introduced me to the stem cell procedure. I have noticed a dramatic change since having the stem cell injections. I have been looking forward to continuing my rehab and seeing results! After going through these things and being able to battle back to playing and being healthy, I highly encourage anybody in athletics to do it. Whether you are at high or low level, if you want your body to perform the way it is meant to, I highly recommend the stem cell treatment at Revive! It has really changed my everyday life and my training habits. I highly encourage you to give it a try! “

-Christian Polk, Phoenix AZ

“I have been athlete my entire life. After college I played professional golf for 5 years. During those 5 years, I struggled with constant lower back pain due to the spondylosis and disc degeneration in my lower spine. I tried everything from physical therapy to pain medications, with little to no improvement. My last resort was back surgery which I wanted to avoid at all costs as I was aware surgery, in a lot of cases, makes the problem worse and has a very long recovery process. I decided to try stem cell therapy after hearing the incredible results patients were having at Revive Wellness and Rejuvenation Center. I will be the first one to tell you my results are nothing short of a miracle, and it’s changed my life. My pain has gone from a constant nine to a zero in just two months. I can now golf freely and have full range of motion with my swing. It feels amazing to not have any pain in my back and not be thinking about it on a daily basis.”

-Michael Graham, Scottsdale AZ

“I’ve been driving freight for most of my life and had extreme pain in both knees and my upper and lower back. I had little to no flexibility throughout my body. I was told over and over again I needed a full knee replacement surgery, but chose not to get it and deal with the pain. I recently had stem cell therapy in both of my knees an after just 4 weeks it feels 1000% better. I can run again for the first time in years without pain. After these incredible results I chose to get stem cell therapy in my lower back as well. Looking forward to living my life pain free again.”

-Ron Wallace, Phoenix AZ

“I’ve had lower and upper back pain for years. I decided to check out chiropractic therapy. During my first visit my chiropractor informed me of the new stem cell therapy treatment that Revive offered. I decided to move forward with the stem cell therapy treatment in my back, and after two months, I’ve had more pain free days than I’ve had in years. My pain level was at a constant six for at least a year prior to the stem cell therapy and already my pain is never higher than a two. I couldn’t stand for more than 10 minutes at a time prior to stem cell therapy and now I can stand for hours. It’s changed my life.”

-Michael Colcord, Phoenix AZ

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